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Mosaic Employee Benefits Specializes in Three Areas for Employers

Mosaic Employee Benefits works with health insurance carriers and provides employers health insurance surplus plans.

If you pay more in premiums than annual claims paid, create the opportunity to earn up to 50% of that surplus back.

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1-5 Employees

We know the Affordable Care Act, we also know how to Underwrite. Are you an older group demographic with pre-existing conditions?! – Benefit from our exclusive discounted rates with the United Healthcare Evolution Platform. Young and Healthy!? Ask us about our special (secure) Medical Underwriting Kits. Carriers are offering attractive premium discounts to small business owners who submit medical history.

5-30 Employees

SURPLUS, SURPLUS, SURPLUS. Must have in 2017 and going forward. With traditional group health insurance plans, the carrier takes the profit by winning the claims vs. premium game. Problem solved… If you pay more in premiums than the insurance carrier pays in claims – we get you that money back. It’s true. Aetna, United Healthcare, Allied are a few of the name brand carriers offering cash back when your premium payments exceed claims. Mosaic knows how to reduce upfront premiums and get you cash back come plan year-end. Here is a short video to help explain

30+ Employees

Self-Insured with Reinsurance. Business Owners, put claims in your hands with large claims protection. Traditionally only large employers were the only ones to benefit from this style of plan. The ACA and legislation changes have placed further importance on being “Self Insured or Partially Self Insured.” Ask us how – we come to your office with real numbers specific to your group. Food, education, Q&A – an hour later your are a semi-professional in the world of self insurance and 100% capable of making the decisions.

Comprehensive Benefits Packages for Business Owners

It’s not your favorite part about owning a business, but you should feel proud to provide a benefits package! As a business owner, offering a comprehensive benefits package can be an important decision, helping to attract and retain productive and healthy talent. 

Health insurance is a costly line item on a household budget. 

Employer subsidies on health insurance premiums are life-changing events at home. Mosaic Employee Benefits holds relationships with all carriers, your choice architect, implementing strategic packages based on the demographic needs of your staff.

We only get quotes from trusted insurance providers

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A “one-stop-shop” Mosaic Employee Benefits has the ability to handle every insurance need. Multiple carriers offered to find you the best coverage for the right premium.

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