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Mosaic’s Average Employer Health Insurance Renewal

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Leading the Industry Through Community and Education

Industry Leading
Employee Benefit Packages

Strategic programs customized to meet the unique needs of your work family. 

Our capabilities accommodate employers large and small. Fully Insured, Level Funded, Captive, and Self Funded Chassis Education and Placement. 


Alleviate the time and complexity associated with new hire onboarding, open enrollment, payroll administration, and compliance.

Mosaic delivers and services an intuitive, easy-to-use website to manage and complete New Hires (I9 / W4), Benefits Enrollments, Compliance Notice Distribution, and Open Enrollment Communications.


Expose & Educate

We track and analyze important health data within your group to drive down costs associated with the benefits offered to your employees.

Direct 1-on-1 education is provided to employees helping them become smarter healthcare consumers

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